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We provide air quality dispersion modeling services and guidance for Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), Environmental Results Program (ERP), Installation Compliance Certification for Stationary Engines and Turbines. To meet the ERP for a stationary engine or turbine, a facility needs to submit an Installation Compliance Certification to the MassDEP which certifies that the engine or turbine is complying with all applicable environmental requirements. As part of the Installation Compliance Certification, an EPA Guideline Screening Model run which demonstrates that the engine or turbine will not cause an exceedance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) must be performed for both emergency and non-emergency engines and turbines if 1) the unit has a rated power output of one megawatt or greater, and 2) the height of the stack is not at least ten feet above and greater than 1.5 times above the height of the building, and higher than the height of any structure that is within 5L of the stack (5L being five times the lesser of the height or maximum projected width of the structure). If an EPA Guideline Screening Model is required, we will develop a modeling protocol addressing the major elements of the air quality dispersion modeling analysis and confirm with the MassDEP that the modeling approaches and techniques are acceptable. After the air quality dispersion modeling is complete, we will prepare an Air Quality Analysis Report that can be submitted as an attachment with the ERP Installation Compliance Certification.

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