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Alex Eisen-Cuadra, Ph.D.
Vice President

Alex Eisen-Cuadra.jpeg

Alex Eisen-Cuadra is a Co-Founder and Vice President at Proactive Environmental Solutions, and Vice Chair of Air & Waste Management Association New England Section. Alex has over 15 years of professional experience as an environmental consultant, analytical chemist, full-tenured professor and department chairperson, and research scientist. Alex has extensive industry experience throughout the United States managing and performing air permitting (CAA, NSR, PBR, PSD, NESHAPs, Plan Approval, Title V), air quality dispersion modeling (AERMOD, ERP, NAAQS, NSR, PSD), bulk storage planning and registration (chemical, hazardous waste, petroleum), emissions inventories and reporting (air toxics, criteria air pollutants, GHG, TRI), environmental compliance audits, environmental impact assessments, instrumental analyses (USEPA methods), litigation support, pollution prevention and reductions plans (cap-and-invest/trade, CLCPA, GHG, hazardous waste, P2 , SPCC Plans), water permitting (CWA, DMR, SPDES, NPDES, stormwater, SWPPPs, wastewater), and RCRA compliance management. Alex has a Ph.D. in Chemistry with specializations in Green Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry.

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